Sternentier Pet Cremation - Pet cremations
Sternentier Pet Cremation - Pet cremations

The pet cremation – cremation by flame

On many German pet cremation websites, the impression may be given that all pet cremations have their own crematory, but this is rarely the case. There is neither a pet crematory in Paderborn, nor Bielefeld, nor Delbrueck nor Verl. It is basically similar to a human undertaker. We as a pet cremation are the contact person for you in town; we take care of the collection of pets and transfer them to a pet crematory of our choice.

Transparency towards our customers is a matter of course for us. In our choice, we attach great importance to an absolutely respectful treatment of the deceased animals and a trusting cooperation between us and the employees of the animal crematorium. Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere for a long time! We want to know where exactly the pets are cremated and not that your pet may be driven from A to B for capacity reasons or for whatever reason by pet crematories with multiple locations. In addition, the protection of your personal data is very important to us; in our opinion, this is not relevant for the pet crematory.

After the sale of the Phoenix pet crematory in Peckelsheim, with which we worked from the beginning, we first had to completely reorientate ourselves. You do not find pet crematories in every German city. Working with the company – who does not wish to be named – running the facility now, was out of the question! After some discussions and visits to other pet crematories in Germany and abroad, we chose the Cremare crematory who we would entrust our own pet to at any time. That’s important to us, because our customers’ pets deserve the same respect as our own.

Immediately after picking up your pet or taking it over here on site, we make a paw print or cut off a strand of hair for you, if you wish. We then place your pet in a cremation bag legally required by EU regulation, seal the bag, weigh your pet and provide it with a personal identification tag to avoid any mix-ups in the pet crematory. Subsequent opening of the bag is not possible due to the applicable hygiene regulations. Until the transfer is taking place, for only a short period of time we lay your pet to rest in a special walk-in cold-storage cell, where each pet has its own place. We do not stack pets in freezers and we do no “store” pets for weeks.

Once a week the transport to the pet crematory takes place. The pets will be cremated in modern computer-controlled incinerators, like for human cremations. Depending on the size and weight of your pet, the cremation process takes between 20 minutes and up to 2 hours. After, we issue a cremation certificate. This document shows the exact day your pet was individually cremated.

You have the choice between the individual and the communal cremation:

Individual cremation means, your pet will be placed alone in the cremation chamber. To each individual cremation we add a Sternentier chamotte brick, which goes through the entire cremation process and can be assigned to the respective pet. This stone is enclosed with the ashes. In rare cases, however, it can happen that this stone breaks and is no longer recognizable in the ashes after the cremulation. The remaining mineralized ashes you usually receive back within a max. of 2 weeks.

While burying deceased pets is now illegal in most German cities, you may of course bury the ashes of your pet in your own garden.

Cremare StreubeetCommunal cremation means, several pets will be placed in the cremation chamber together and cremated at the same time. The ashes remain in the pet crematory and are scattered in a meadow.

Attended cremation – Some pet owners may like to accompany their pet to the incinerator for its last journey, but please note that this can be a major psychological burden for the individual, and think twice about whether you really want to be present. If you decide, you want to attend the cremation, we have to ask you to directly contact a pet crematory of your choice. As we ourselves do not have incinerators on site, we unfortunately cannot offer the service of attended cremations. Alternatively, you can also say goodbye peacefully in our rooms.