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The Sternentier Pet Cremation is a small family run business. We are offering personal care for you from the first consultation to the delivery of the remaining ashes of your pet. In doing so, we can tailor our care individually to incorporate your wishes and needs, because when a pet dies, there are just so many things to consider. These are our services for you: (To open or close the detailed description click on the black arrows on the left.)

Personal consultation

We help you at our office and/or at your home. Since our office is not manned at all times, we work by appointment only. We are happy to discuss all the options of pet cremations with you in advance, such as the process, the cremation methods, where your pet is cremated, how the transfer takes place, how long you have to wait for the ashes, the choice of an urn and much more. These are some examples that you should ask all pet cremation services, as this will clarify any differences.

Pre-cremation contracts

It seems to have become a bit fashionable that we want to protect ourselves for any eventualities in advance. Accordingly, there are now pre-plans for pet owners and even death insurance with monthly instalments, too. Whether this makes sense, you must decide for yourself. We do not offer such contracts and can only advise you to carefully check the small print. Are there for example additional contract completion fees due?

Nevertheless some pet owners do have the need for regular provision and that is absolutely understandable. Therefore, in addition to a personal chat, we offer you our cremation contract in a modified version as a pre-plan draft. You can fill out the form and maybe already choose an urn according to your ideas in our online shop. It is best to keep the document with your pet’s records so that you have it at hand in case of an emergency and know everything is decided on. Of course, we can also keep a copy for you without any obligation if you wish. Our contracts are invalid until signed by both parties – you and us – after your pet has passed away. This gives you the opportunity to make changes at any time.

Cooperation with your vet practice

As a pet owner you have the free choice to decide on a pet cremation service of your trust to pick-up your pet, and only you personally decide on the type of cremation. If you are not able to call us at this very emotional moment, it should be a service of your veterinary practice to call us on your behalf and let us know that we can come to collect your pet.

We want you to know, your vet will NOT get a commission from us for this call. Unfortunately, it is quite common in the pet cremation industry, but ultimately you bear these costs, be it in the form of a higher collection fee or the cremation itself is more expensive. If your veterinarian says, he does not work with us, that is correct insofar as we do not make any financial cooperation with veterinary practices, where we pay a fee for the provision of euthanized pets. Nevertheless, you can ask us to collect your pet up from the respective practice.

Instead of reaching customers with “treats” for veterinarians, we would like to convince with our services:

  • personal individual care
  • inexpensive timely pickup
  • fast transfer to the pet crematory
  • return the ashes within a few days

You can bring your pet to us at any time, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. We only ask you to contact us shortly before your arrival to ensure that especially outside office hours our on-call service will be there for you.

If you do not want to or are unable to bring your pet to us, we will pick up your pet from you or your veterinary practice or veterinary clinic. Of course, we also offer this service to you around the clock. Sundays and bank holidays included! Upon collection from your veterinarian, we are legally obliged to obtain a written confirmation from you. If your veterinarian practice does not have its own form, you can download the document here: collection request pet cremation. In case of an emergency we can fax or email it to you or the veterinary practice within a few minutes. Please understand, the language available for the contract is German. All agreements shall be in German. The English version is for information purposes only.

From the veterinarians in Bad Lippspringe, Borchen, Elsen, Marienloh, Paderborn, Salzkotten and Schloß Neuhaus we offer the collection free of charge during our regular office hours. Of course, we will also collect your pet from veterinarians and pet clinics outside Paderborn, such as for example Bielefeld, Delbrueck, Geseke, Lichtenau and Stukenbrock. The collection fee then depends on the distance to the respective practice.

Please understand that we charge an extra collection fee for very heavy pets, if no one at your home can help with loading the pet into our car.

Farewell room

Maybe you did not have time to say goodbye to your pet? We give you the opportunity to do this at our facility in all privacy. You can take all the time you need – be alone, be with your family and friends. We will arrange the farewell individually according to your wishes.

Paw print

As a very special reminder, we offer to create a paw print of your pet. It is made with a special foam and placed in a double picture frame, with the wooden frame in black or white. On one side you have space for a photo of your pet and on the other side we place the paw print of your pet. A lovely memory to keep on your shelve.

For larger pets from approx. 20 kg, the picture frame is unfortunately not so suitable due to the rather small cutout. Here it is possible to make a round print with modeling clay.

You may want to have your darling’s paw tattooed later? We are happy to create a colour imprint and photography as a sample for your tattoo artist. Please understand that we can only offer this for pets up to a maximum of 25 kg weight.

Individual or communal cremation

You can choose between individual cremation or communal cremation. More information on the differences can be found on our pet cremation page. If you wish, we may tell you the exact day and the approximate time of the cremation in order to commemorate your pet at this particular moment.

Transfer to the pet crematory

As a small independent business, we decide when and how often we transfer pets to the pet crematory. We do not want to be a collection point, but to ensure a respectful handling of your pet. Therefore, your pet gets its own place in our cold-storage cell for a very short time only and is then transferred within a few days. As a general rule, we drive to the pet crematory early in the morning on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Direct cremation

In addition to the normal transfer within a few days, you can also choose the direct cremation within 24 hours. After a consultation with the crematory, we will immediately transfer your pet and wait for the ashes to be returned. Unfortunately, we can only provide this service during the regular cremation times and not on weekends, because there are no cremations taking place at the crematory.

Attended cremation

Some pet owners may like to accompany their pet to the incinerator for its last journey, but please note that this can be a major psychological burden for the individual, and think twice about whether you really want to be present. Alternatively, you can also say goodbye peacefully in our rooms.

If you decide, you want to attend the cremation, we have to ask you to contact a pet crematory of your choice directly. As we ourselves do not have any cremation facilities on site, we unfortunately cannot offer this service.

Return of the ashes

We personally collect the ashes of your pet after the cremation and bring it back to us. The return of the ashes to you depend on your personal wishes – at our office or your home, in a simple PVC ashes-bag, a plain wooden box (up to 1.0 l) or a decorative urn, just as you like.

You can pick up the ashes from our office Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 17:00 hrs and Fridays from 09:00 to 14:00 hrs.

Of course, a despatch via post is also possible. Normally it only takes 5-7 days and you already have the ash of your pet back in your hands.

Urns and ash jewellery

e have a small selection of urns and jewellery that you can take a look at on-site. Furthermore we can order well over 1,000 different urns for you. You can choose from our catalogues or directly in our online shop: urns shop. Most urns will be available in 2-3 working days, but if you want a personal customization, such as lettering or a photo, it may take a few days longer. It will be manufactured especially for you by our suppliers.

Urn burial on the pet cemetery

We do not offer burial of your pet. After the individual cremation, however, there is the possibility of the urn burial at the Phoenix pet cemetery in Peckelsheim.

You can design the grave according to your personal wishes. Appropriate accessories such as a tombstone the crematory offers on site. Grave care is either taken over by the Phoenix company or by yourself.

You must then lease the grave for a minimum of 3 years. We are happy to contact the Phoenix team for you and discuss your needs.


The city of Paderborn enables the so-called human-pet-burial on the Westfriedhof. This means that the urn with the ashes of the pet can be buried on the grave of the pet owner.

If the pet dies before the owner, there is a burial of the human and pet urn together. If the owner dies first and the pet urn is later buried in the grave, the cemetery gardeners will open the grave again, the pet urn will then be buried and the grave covered again. Corresponding additional fees are charged by the cemetery administration for this service.

As your on-site pet cremation, we will of course be happy to take care of the entire process for you if you choose this type of urn burial.

Payment options

We accept payments made cash, via bank transfer (SEPA), with EC-card at our office, or conveniently online from your smartphone or notebook via Giropay, credit card, PayPal or SOFORT payment. For this type of electronical payment we will send a link to your email. Our bank details can be found on the contract.

For an individual cremation, a down payment of 50% of the total order amount is due immediately, the outstanding balance before the return of the ashes. For a communal cremation or an individually customized urn, the total order amount is due immediately.

The transfer to the crematory and/or order of a personalised urn will not take place until payment had been received.

Opening hours

We have a 24-hour emergency service that you can reach anytime at 0173 9811416.

For ash returns, consultations, planned farewells and pickup of urns, our office is manned Monday through Thursday from 09:00 to 17:00 hrs and Fridays from 09:00 to 14:00 hrs. To ensure we have enough time for you, and, for example, if you wish to say farewell to your pet you can do that without any time pressure, and in order to avoid longer waiting times, we ask you to call us before your visit.

Discounts assistance and rescue dogs

Many dogs are specially trained and take care of e.g. tasks for people in need. This great work cannot be appreciated enough, so owners of assistance dogs, guide dogs, police dogs and rescue dogs receive a 10% discount on an individual cremation and 5% on the communal cremation.

Please provide us with a training certificate before we transfer your pet to the crematory.

Military Personnel

We offer the One Stop Tax Free system to all military personnel. To take advantage of the system you need to obtain a valid Local Purchase Orders (MwSt Forms) from your unit. Please hand this form to us directly at the time you bring you pet respectively when we collect your pet.

We are happy to assist you with special requests, such as making diamonds from the ashes or hair of your pet, floral arrangements for an individual farewell, arranging a grave in a pet cemetery, whatever ideas you may have, just contact us!