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Sternentier Prices

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Price transparency is important for us! We know it is not always easy to compare pet cremation services to prevent being caught by a surprise invoice in the end. Therefore, we provide an overview of the costs of cremation, additional services and optional offers for you.

Cost of the cremation

Total weight*Communal CremationIndividual Cremation
up to 1.0 kg55.00 €95.00 €
1.1 kg – 4,0 kg90.00 €180.00 €
4.1 kg – 10.0 kg110.00 €210.00 €
10.1 kg – 17.0 kg130.00 €235.00 €
17.1 kg – 24.0 kg145.00 €260.00 €
24.1 kg – 40.0 kg170.00 €290.00 €
40.1 kg – 65.0 kg200.00 €305.00 €
65.1 kg – 100.0 kg230.00 €340.00 €

*the total weight will be calculated from the weight of your pet, the compulsory cremation bag and optional grave goods, like the favourite blanket or toy of your pet. The weighing in the pet crematory is decisive.

Included in the cremation costs is a certificate of cremation. The price of the individual cremation includes the return of the ashes and the personal handing back to you at our office. If you choose the communal cremation, your pet’s ashes will not be returned to you, but be scattered in a meadow of the forest cemetery.


collection service from 8am to 6pm**up to 10 km radius free of charge, up to 30 km 35.00 €, each additional km 0.50 €
surcharge for very heavy petsfrom 35.00 € to max. 50% of the km costs (if a 2nd employee is required)
evening/night surcharge**35.00 € (7pm-9pm)/55.00 € (9pm-7am)
weekend/bank holiday surcharge**55.00 €
transfer to the pet crematory20.00 €
direct cremation within 24 hrs.80.00 €
cremation certificate – personal handover or despatchfree of charge
return of the ashes to you at our officefree of charge
return of the ashes to you at your homeup to 30 km 35.00 €, each additional km 0.50 €
despatch of the ashes10.00 €
urns and jewelleryWe have a large variety of different urns in all price ranges. We are happy to assist you.
filling the urn from our assortmentfree of charge

**From the veterinarians in Bad Lippspringe, Borchen, Elsen, Marienloh, Paderborn, Salzkotten and Schloß Neuhaus we offer the collection free of charge during our regular office hours. Outside of Paderborn, the collection fee depends on the distance to the respective practice. If you bring your pet to us during nighttime or on weekends, there is a reduced surcharge of 15.00 € or 25.00 € only.

Additional optional offers

paw print and digital photography for tattooing (pets up to 20 kg only)1 paw/15.00 €
paw print in foam with double sided picture frame35.00 €
paw print in modelling clay40.00 €
coat/collar back in separate bagfree of charge or 15.00 € (after transfer to pet crematory)


urn burial on the Phoenix pet cemetary65.00 €
grave lease for 3 years135.00 €
extension of grave lease45.00 €/per year
grave care on special request50.00 €/per year
Human-Pet-Cremation on the Westfriedhof in PaderbornRegulated by the cemetery fee statute. Please ask us for an individual quote.

You can pay cash, via bank transfer, with EC-card at our office, or conveniently online from your smartphone or PC via Giropay, credit card, PayPal or SOFORT payment. For this type of electronical payment we will send a link to your email. For an individual cremation, a down payment of 50% is due immediately, the outstanding balance before the return of the ashes. For a communal cremation the total amount is due immediately.

Please understand that your pet will not be transferred to the pet crematory until payment has been received.

VAT included in all prices where applicable. One Stop tax free is available for military personnel. We offer special discounts for assistance and rescue dogs. Please also see “Our Services”.

Last updated 09.06.2021. Subject to change.