Sternentier Pet Cremation - Pet urns
Sternentier Pet Cremation - Pet urns

Pet Urns

Buying an extra pet urn is not a must! If you don’t want an urn or if you just need a little longer to choose a suitable pet urn, we will return the ashes in a simple fabric bag. Please understand that if you get an urn elsewhere, we will not fill it.

We have a small selection of urns and jewellery for pet cremations that you can take a look at on-site. Furthermore we can order well over 1,000 different urns for you. You can choose from our catalogues or directly in our online shop: urns collection. Most urns will be available in 2-3 working days, but if you want a personal customization, such as lettering or a photo, it may take a few days longer. It will be manufactured especially for you by our suppliers.

Here are some examples:

Porzellanzylinder mit Pfoten
Katze Nuna
Glasfaserurne Mosaik
Bio Erd Urne Anjo
Swarovski Elements Metallurne
Schlüsselanhänger Cora
Goldpfötchen Herzurne

We have a very high standard of quality and chose only suppliers whose products meet our requirements. By clicking on the image below you will be redirected to their website or further below you can look at their catalogues. Of course we are able to order all their offered urns and jewellery for you:

no catalogue

no catalogue

Our Urn Assortement