Sternentier Pet Cremation - About us
Sternentier Pet Cremation - About us

The Sternentier Pet Cremation

Memories are little stars that shine a comforting light into the darkness of our grief. (Author unknown)

Our pets are more than “just” animals; they are real family members, faithful companions and partners. Whether dog, rabbit, cat or bird – they are living beings, and we are responsible for them. So it is our duty to give our pets the very best send-off on their final journey. They deserve not to be dumped in a rendering plant like rubbish. Because that’s exactly what happens when you leave your pet with the vet after it passed away and not take it to a pet cremation.

Our aim is to help you and to support you in this difficult time. Our office is in Paderborn, but as a pet cremation we are there for you in the entire district of Paderborn and beyond the city borders towards Bielefeld, Guetersloh, Hoexter, Lippe and Soest. We are providing a full service covering all your needs such as same day collection from your home or veterinary office, a farewell room in our facility, the transfer to the crematory and the return of the ashes in your hands.

In an emergency, you can call us from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily on 05251 5069327 or 0173 9811416!

We offer pre-consultations via phone or you can visit us at our office to discuss all important aspects. However you wish. There is no time pressure, no consultation fee and no obligation.

We can also inform beforehand about all available options. Perhaps you are already thinking in advance about pet cremations and want to make pre-plans for the final arrangements, so as not to burden yourself with difficult decisions in an emergency? You decide according to your personal ideas and wishes.

Just call us to arrange an appointment.

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