Pet rescue

From time to time it happens that customers give us a small tip for the coffee fund. We are very grateful, as it is a confirmation that they are satisfied with our work. Instead of filling our own account, we thought about donating the money. Therefore we have now set up a small Kitty money bank, which is always happy about “food” coming in. Of course, we also add our share.

It is very important to us that really the local animal welfare benefits form your and our donation. With the receipts from the money bank we would like to support these two projects: the Hundenothilfe OWL e.V. and the Nofe Katzennothilfe Salzkotten e.V.. Both clubs are mainly concerned with pets in the district of Paderborn and the Eastern Westphalia region. Of course, you can also help the associations directly with donations. By clicking on the above names it will take you to the respective websites.

Even though we do not offer rehoming, we would like to introduce the most urgent emergency cases. If you are interested, please contact the agencies directly.

Dogs looking for a home


Cats looking for a home

We wish all pets great new families!