Sternentier Equine Cremation
Sternentier Equine Cremation

Equine Cremation

Whether American Miniature Horse or Shire Horse, equines are loyal companions for many people, too, and, just like our smaller pets, deserve a dignified last journey. The procedure of equine cremation is slightly different to pet cremation; especially the transport is more difficult. That is the reason many of our pet cremation colleagues work together with Dutch or French crematories, which take care of the equine collections for the pet cremation offices.

However, this sometimes leads to language barriers, uncertainties for the owners and scheduling problems. Therefore, we decided to work with a crematory in Germany, the first equine crematory in Southern Germany, opened on October 2017, about 400 km from Paderborn, and its branch in Northern Germany, opened in January 2020, only about 200 km away from Paderborn. It may be priced slightly higher than the foreign companies, but the consultation, transfer and cremation are completely in German hands, so we can ensure you an absolutely reverent, respectful and expeditious process, personally with you, tailored to your needs and no mass handling. Of course, we offer this service nationwide. Additionally we offer our English speaking customers live telephone support should there be any difficulties between you and the person collection your horse.

If you know in advance that your horse needs to be euthanized, it is best to contact us straight away. If your horse died, we organize the fastest possible collection in specially made trailers. Usually within 24 hours. Your horse is then taken directly to the equine crematory in Blender and cremated there. It is important that you have your equine passport available and that your vet provides you with a certificate stating that your horse has not been infected with or has died of any infectious disease.

You also have the option to accompany your horse on his last journey to cremation. There is a separate farewell room on site of the crematory.

Call us on 0173 9811416. We are happy to assist you in a personal conversation.

Of course, your horse will not be split before, as you can read in some dubious internet forums. Your horse will be cremated individually and not together with other horses.The ashes are then delivered to you in an urn of your choice or you can also have the ashes buried on the community grave in a rural idyll.

Included in the price of cremation is a wooden urn. We think it’s a nice memory to keep some of the ashes in a smaller urn or a medallion. As with pets, there is also the possibility to have a diamond made from the ashes and /or fur of your horse. Take a look at our URNS page.

As with small pets, price transparency is important for us with horses, too! Therefore, we provide an overview of the costs of cremation and additional services as follows:

Cost of the cremation

Total weight*Individual Cremation
up to 30 kg (miniature horses)400.00 €
up to 300.00 kg1,990.00 €
301.00 kg bis 500.00 kg2,390.00 €
501.00 bis 800.00 kg2,790.00 €
over 800.00 kg3,190.00 €

*The determination of the weight is carried out on site at collection with the weight measuring tape “Sure-Measure Horse & Pony”.


collection & transfer up to 300 kmone-way from you to the equine crematory, km 2.20 €
collection & transfer over 300 kmone-way from you to the equine crematory, km 1.80 €
cost for 2. assistantone-way from you to the equine crematory, km 1.00 €
farewell room45.00 €
burial on the community grave45.00 €
despatch of the ashes80.00 € (express-courier)
cold-storage from 3rd day on45.00 € per day

Invoicing is done directly by the horse crematory. We ask for your understanding that the invoice amount for transfer is due upon collection and is to be paid in cash or by debit / credit card. The outstanding balance is due upon collection of the ashes or before despatch of the ashes.

VAT included in all prices where applicable. Subject to change.