Sternentier Pet Cremation - Equine Cremations
Sternentier Pet Cremation - Equine Cremations

Equine Cremation

Whether American Miniature Horse or Shire Horse, equines are loyal companions for many people, too, and, just like our smaller pets, deserve a dignified last journey. TThe procedure for a horse cremation is a little different than for smaller pets, especially the transport is more difficult. Therefore, many of our pet cremation colleagues work together with special equine crematories, who take care of the equine collections for the pet cremation offices.

We will take care of all the formalities for you, especially with the veterinary offices. If your horse died, we organize the fastest possible collection in specially made trailers. Usually within 24 hours. Your horse is then taken directly to the equine crematory and cremated there. It is important that you have your equine passport available and that your vet certifies on the application form (you will receive from us), that your horse has not been infected with or has died of any infectious disease and that there is an approval by the veterinary authorities required for cremation. Please keep in mind that most veterinary offices in Germany are closed in the evenings, on weekends and on public holidays.

If you know in advance that your horse needs to be euthanized, it is best to contact us straight away. There are some legal regulations with equidae that must be observed, with which we will of course support you.

We can offer this service nationwide throughout Germany, but as with pet cremations, personal contact is important to us. In the Paderborn district as well as outside of it, such as Bielefeld, Brilon, Bueren, Delbrueck, Geseke, Guetersloh, Lichtenau, Lippstadt, Soest, Stukenbrock and Warburg, we are on site when your horse is picked up by our partner. If you wish, we can also be there with you during the euthanasia.

We ensure you an absolutely reverent, respectful and expeditious process, personally with you, tailored to your needs and no mass handling.

Call us on 0173 9811416. We are happy to assist you in a personal conversation.

Of course, your horse will not be split before, as you can read in some dubious internet forums. Your horse will be cremated individually and not together with other horses. For your assurance, the cremation process is documented with photos. We will then hand over the ashes to you in a simple cardboard box, an urn of your choice, you can have the ashes returned to nature on the meadow of a large forest property near the horse crematory.

With horses, too, cost transparency is a matter of course for us! There are no standard prices, as it is depending on where your horse has to be picked up from and the size and weight. To give an orientation example, for a horse with withers height of 1.50 m in a stable in Paderborn, you pay around 2,400.00 Euro for collection, transfer and cremation. We are happy to make you an offer that is individually tailored to you and your wishes.